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    I’m a newbie NoMachine user, and I’ve tested both normal password and private key authentication and wondering what the advantage is of using key since it too still needs the destination machines user/password to be manually entered.  Is key authentication simply an optional extra layer of security?

    Lastly, is there any way to automate the account login, manually typing each time is laborious and tempts users into choosing simple passwords since it has to be manually typed each login.


    Password authentication is the default authentication method suitable for the majority of environments. In some cases -even according to Company’s policies- it may be preferable to adopt a different authentication method such as key-based authentication. We recommend to refer to manuals of your Operating System for more details. Please also check our online article here:

    How to set up key based authentication with NX protocol

    any way to automate the account login

    It is possible to save the password and username for the NoMachine connection by checking the box “Save this password in the connection file”.


    To elaborate, is there a way to authenticate the Windows user? ie. have NoMachine automatically login to the Windows account and not require manual keyboard password entry each time?


    Hi Bedlore,

    When the system displays a login window in the session, like in your case, it is not possible for NoMachine to automatically log you in to the Windows account. The username and password must be keyed in manually.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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