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    I have an armv7 system with yocto rocko running. This system runs without PAM. The “Debian” installation of NoMachine_7.6.2_3_armv7hl.tar.gz says

    Cannot install PAM script: /usr/NX/scripts/etc/pam.d/nx. PAM directory not found.

    and trying to run the server results in

    4586 4586 07:34:52 477 nxexecPAMOpen: ERROR! PAM library not found.
    4586 4586 07:34:52 477 nxexecPAMOpen: ERROR! Error: ‘ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory’.

    Is it possible to run the server without PAM? There is an X server running.

    The system is a minimized single board panel pc and I’m afraid I can not get PAM installed on the system. No development environment, just cross compiler.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Hi @jurgen,

    Normally it should work, even if PAM is missing.
    So that we can queue up for investigation, can you send us server-side logs? You can follow the instructions in this article:

    Please send the logs directly to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com adding the title of the topic to the email subject. Thanks!


    We received your logs @jurgen. Thank you! They will be queued for investigation and we will provide some feedback soon.


    Hello @jurgen,
    As I understand you installed NoMachine on your custom Linux distro build by Yocto. Now the main problem with the installation is missing HOME dir of user nx:


    You can:
    1. Uninstall NoMachine:

    $sudo /usr/NX/scripts/setup/nxserver --uninstall
    $sudo rm -rf /usr/NX

    2. Create the dir:

    $sudo mkdir -p /var/NX/nx

    3. Install NoMachine again in the same way

    $/usr/NX/nxserver --install debian

    If it doesn’t work you can try to install NoMachine by choosing different sysetm:

    nxserver –install {SYSTEM}


    redhat       Red Hat Enterprise 4 and later.
    suse         SLED 10 and later, SLES 10 and later, Open SUSE 10 and later.
    mandriva     Mandriva 2009 and later.
    debian       Debian 4.0 and later.
    Ubuntu 8.04 and later.
    fedora       Fedora 10 and later.


    Hello @zaq,

    creating the missing HOME dir fixed the problem.

    Thank you!


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