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    Hello 🙂

    Want to ask about automatic forwarding printer by default where you connect to server from client.

    This is possible feature or I can do in only by chosen printer as default in connection settings?



    Hi. You can configure the printer you want to forward, and check the box “Export this printer at session startup”. It works with or without making this printer also the default.


    No, I mean without configurating. User just connect to server and his printer by default in Windows already can print there


    First you need to tell NoMachine which printer to use. What you have to do is add the printer you want to use from within the session (whether it’s the default printer or not on the computer you are connecting to or from).

    See here:

    If you have an open document in the remote session, you will be able to print it on your local printer. Likewise, if you have a document open on your local desktop, you can send it to the remote printer (server-side) for printing provided you have a connection open.

    Step 1 – Click on Connect a printer

    Step 2 – Select from the available printers (Fig. 8)

    Step 3 – Click ‘Import/Export this printer at session start-up’ if you want this to be available each time you run the remote session. Check the box ‘Make this the default printer’ if required

    Step 4 – Click Connect, and wait for a green dot to light up next to your selected printer

    Step 5 – Click the back button to close the menu

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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