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    We use NoMachine Enterprise at our corporation and this is always a problem.  I read back in 13 that this would be addressed with an update of QT but two years later still nothing… This is very frustrating.  The best answer I have found is to tell osx before you start no machine to treat the display density as 1920×1200.  At least this is usable.  Would very much appreciate an update as to what the status of this performance bug is?


    I asked the same question last June, but the post seems to have been marked “private”.  Anyway, count me as another person who would like proper Retina display support in the NX client.


    We didn’t forget our retina users! 🙂
    Our experience with the newer versions of Qt used on mobile clients didn’t give us solutions for the High-DPI displays, so we need to handle the request differently, and to track this change we opened some time ago this feature request:

    Adding an option to use native resolution on High-DPI displays

    So far we didn’t give much importance to it because, as you said, the user can always configure the desktop to use more space or he can resize the remote desktop to use a bigger resolution, but as High-DPI displays become more widespread we understand that raising the priority of this feature has become important.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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