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    Hi, I have a Windows client trying to access Fedora21 where server is installed. Windows client is 4.5.0 and fedora server is 4.4.12.

    I was able to do this before. I had a server running for 40 days but I did a few updates and restarted the server. Now when I start the session I can only see a black screen and my mouse pointer running.

    GDM process seems to be running, restarting the service doesn’t help and I can’t find anything relevant in the logs using journalctl -b.

    Any suggestions of what I can check for?



    Paulo Matos


    One of the reasons this happens might be that there’s no monitor attached to the server. But it’s strange because X has clearly started. There’s an arrow I can move on screen.

    What’s the correct configuration for a server whose X only needs to exist for NX sessions? Can I remove gdm start from boot and only start X (and maybe enter an X session directly) when I start an NX session?


    Paulo Matos


    Hi Paulo,

    I think you may find this article useful:

    How to use NoMachine 4 on a headless Linux server

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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