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    Hi, I’m a vfx artist working on a local gigabit network, I’m looking to get the optimal quality image quality settings for rendering high detail. I have set the quality slider all the way up but not sure what the advanced checkboxes do, can someone recommend an optimal setting, one for maximum image quality to work on stills even if its at the cost of framerate, and possibly another one better suited for video playback.

    Currently I have all the checkboxes ticked apart from client side hardware decoding, have requested specific 60hz frame rate.

    Is there an optimal setting i should be looking at?



    for maximum image quality, besides setting the slider all the way up, I would check ‘Disable network-adaptive’ but leave ‘Disable multi-pass’ unchecked. I’d also check ‘frame buffering’ and ‘post-processing’. Hardware decoding shouldn’t be relevant for quality. For this scenario, you may also want to disable hardware encoding on the server, since hardware encoders are surely faster but they could encode with lowest quality compared to the software encoder, even when using the same parameters.

    For video playback, I’d choose a lower quality in the slider (medium quality should be a good trade off), uncheck ‘network-adaptive’ and ‘multi-pass encoding’, check ‘frame-buffering’ and ‘post-processing’. Hardware decoding is usually faster.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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