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    Dear NoMachine-Users,

    in my local Windows 8.1 I want to see only one specific GUI-based (Java) application running on a remote machine with Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS.

    Can you please tell me which of the NoMachine-solutions is best for fast mouse operations and reaction time in that application:

    1. without any GUI on the remote Ubuntu (Is this what you call a “headless” server?)

    2. with Ubuntu-GUI on the remote Ubuntu

    3. with KDE on the remote Ubuntu

    4. with Gnome on the remote Ubuntu

    Currently I tried with Ubuntu-GUI. But after logon I see a black remote screen and get kicked off. After that a new connection process runs endlessly.

    Best regards



    Hi claus,

    the desktop environment in use remotely doesn’t make any difference generally. What can make a difference would be the used protocol, specifically the “lightweight” protocol. I assume you are using the NoMachine free version to connect to the physical display of your remote machine. The lightweight protocol is available in a virtual desktop session or in rootless custom session (with the latter you can forward a single application instead of the full desktop, which is what you may want). To enable those types of session you need one of the Terminal Server products: They are available for evaluation.

    More info on the lightweight protocol here:

    As for the problem you are reporting, we would like to see the logs. You can gather them by following the instructions here: You can attach them here or send to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    Hello fra81,

    thanks for your answer. Some years ago I used the free version successfully without any problems and with sufficient speed via the same DSL-Line. So first I would like to try it in the same way again.

    I just thought, that the amount of data, that is transferred, increases with the complexity of the GUI. Therefore I thought the GUI (Ubuntu, KDE or Gnome) would make a difference and without any GUI on the remote Ubuntu it would be fastest (I tried with XServer on Windows – that worked, but was too slow).

    Attached you find the logs.

    Best regards


    Can I assume that the version you tried years ago was the NX 3 free version? In this case, note that NX 3 supported virtual desktop sessions also in the free version, while the free version of NoMachine 4 only allows to attach to the physical display, so it wouldn’t be exactly the same way.

    As for the reported problem, logs are still under investigation.



    Update on the disconnection problem:

    What the logs show is the expected behaviour. The user connected to the server is not the same user logging in remotely (“root” vs “rbt”). You can either use the same user or set the PhysicalDesktopAuthorization configuration key to 0 in the /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg file. This will allow the connection even if the owner of the desktop is not the same as the connecting user.


    Ok, thank you, I reset the Login/PW and logged in as rbt. But the display is slower than ever. Do you mean, that NX 3 supported the lightweight protocol but meanwhile in NX 4 this is not free any more?


    Do you mean, that NX 3 supported the lightweight protocol but meanwhile in NX 4 this is not free any more?

    Yes, that’s correct. The free version of NoMachine 4 gives you access to the physical display. If you want access to Linux virtual desktops and applications, you need the Workstation for example, or another of the products offering the virtual desktop functionality.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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