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    Tom K5VOU

    NoMachine version 4.6.4_5:Windows Vista

    I am remotely controlling a Software Defined Radio system residing on a remote computer via NoMachine and all keyboard/mouse functions are working.  I am able to receive the audio from the received audio from the SDR on the remote computer but cannot send audio through the mic  or line-in jack of the remote computer to the SDR. The SDR uses Virtual Audio Cables for in and out.

    How do I configure the computers, SDR and NoMachine to be able to send low latency audio in both directions?




    Hi Tom,
    If you want to forward microphone to the remote machine when you are connected to a session:
    – you have to enable microphone forwarding (Mic in icon) in the menu panel (CTRL+ALT+0 or peel on the right top of the session window)
    – you can choose a, different than a default, device in Audio settings (Mic in -> Change settings -> Microphone input)
    – you should be able to record the chosen device from the NoMachine Microphone Adapter on the remote machine

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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