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    I already read the black screen issue on M1 mac mini but it differs here.

    I installed NoMachine 7.6.2 enterprise on three different macOS 11 BigSur OSes. Two mac mini 2018 and one black cylinder  MacPro.

    All of them are connected to an LDAP server and run fine, except for NoMachine. We use Enterprise server and client software, both licensed. Issue occurs when using various client version, recent and old, Linux, Windows or MacOS.

    On every systems, after startup when you arrive on login screen to enter your ldap credentials, NoMachine connects successfully (using ldap credentials or macos local user credential) but shows a black screen.

    If you enter your credential using local keyboard, your session opens then NoMachine correctly shows the desktop and gives you control. You even don’t have to reconnect : nx window change from black to normal. You also can use vnc to enter your credential from a distant computer, then switch to NoMachine (that’s how we get around this issue for now but it’s not convenient).

    When the sessions is already open, then NoMachine works perfectly fine.


    Edit : the workaround works fine


    Thanks for your assistance !


    It could be this known issue

    Black screen occurs when rebooting macOS 11 (Big Sur) or when making logout

    I would try the workaround provided. If that doesn’t help, you should contact the support team via your customer area if you have a valid subscription.


    Is there going to be a fix for this anytime soon? I have multiple users who need audio to do their work.


    I have verified the 7.7.4 update fixes this issue, and restores audio functionality.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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