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    I am the author of this post:

    Now I have an AMD Ryzen 5 2400GE with Vega 11 graphics and the problem is the exact same: black screen when using AMD GPU amf drivers.

    The older drivers which used to work don’t work with the newer Linux Kernel and NX doesn’t work with the newer drivers, therefore it’s impossible to use accelerated HW encoding with Ubuntu.

    Is there a chance that you guys can fix this problem?


    Just to add some more information:

    On the machine with Opteron X3216 and Ubuntu 23.04, I installed AMDGPU-PRO 5.7.3 and the VCE encoder is started properly according to dmesg.

    However when starting the session, I get:

    0124-00-03 19:12:24 82E066C0 [AMFDeviceVulkanImpl]   Error: ../../../../../runtime/src/core/DeviceVulkanImpl.cpp(1049):Assertion failed:vkCreateDevice() failed, Error=-7

    0124-00-03 19:12:24 82E066C0 [AMFDeviceVulkanImpl]   Error: ../../../../../runtime/src/core/DeviceVulkanImpl.cpp(587):AMF_ERROR 1 : AMF_FAIL: CreateDeviceAndFindQueues() failed

    0124-00-03 19:12:24 82E066C0 [AMFContextImpl]   Error: ../../../../../runtime/src/core/ContextImpl.cpp(1013):AMF_ERROR 1 : AMF_FAIL: pDeviceVulkan->Init(pVulkanDevice)

    VCE: WARNING! Failed to init device.

    0124-00-03 19:12:24 82E066C0 [EncodeQueueFactory]   Error: ../../../../../runtime/src/components/EncoderCore/EncodeQueueFactory.cpp(58):Assertion failed:EncodeQueueService::Create() Failed to create EncodeQueueService!

    0124-00-03 19:12:24 82E066C0 [AMFEncoderCoreBaseImpl] Warning: Failed to initialize EncodeQueueFactory.

    0124-00-03 19:12:24 82E066C0 [AMFEncoderCoreBaseImpl] Warning: Failed to create encode queue serivce.

    0124-00-03 19:12:24 82E066C0 [AMFEncoderCoreH264] Warning: Encode Core dll not found, fall back to UVE path

    0124-00-03 19:12:24 82E066C0 [AMFEncoderCoreH264] Warning: CreateServices failed.

    VCE: WARNING! Failed to create encoder.

    Info: Using H.264 software encoder.

    This is the same problem I was getting on the Ryzen 5 machine.

    It seems like the problem is NoMachine’s implementation not being up to date with the newer AMD drivers. I would go back to previous drivers, but they don’t work with the most up to date Linux Kernels.

    So I guess that it’s up to NoMachine to fix this issue?

    Thanks in advance.



    we’re trying to reproduce the encoder issue with the new drivers, but it seems you also have a different problem. In fact, the fact hardware encoding fails isn’t enough to explain the black screen. Software encoding should be used as a fallback. Can you check, on the machine where you have the black screen, if unchecking ‘Use hardware encoding’ (Server settings -> Performance panel) solves the black screen problem?

    Can you also send server side logs gathered while reproducing the black screen? For gathering the logs you can follow the instructions in and send them to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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