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    Wonderful and thanks so much ! A great program…as always perfection is a hard thing to achieve, but your responsiveness is very much welcomed!


    OK, good news.

    I think you need to update your instructions about logs, here

    sending them by email doesn’t work. I got another delayed message today.




    Aaron, your emails with logs attached don’t appear to be reaching our server. Those messages that you sent us are coming from your email server. Please ask your admin to check in the email server logs. In any case, we no longer need the logs because we finally reproduced the black screen issue you described 😉


    I also noticed, in being remotely connected to an M1 MacMini as the server, that while being successfully connected to this MacMini and having it working fine, if the display was allowed to go to sleep, the remote session is still visible on the client player and the mouse pointer can be moved, but the mouse will not click any of the links on the visible page nor can the visible page be swiped or moved. If the screen is woken on the server then the functionality once again becomes available on the client player.


    Is this something that we could expect to be resolved sometime soon or (?)


    Hi @Brisn,  I will contact you privately with a link to download a patched package. Please check your inbox 😉


    I have had this issue multiple times and the only thing I have found that fixes it is verifying all NoMachine apps (nx server and NoMachine player) are in security preferences:

    If they aren’t you will have to manually add them.

    I hope that helps

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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