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    I’ve been happily using NoMachine for the past couple months to get to a media computer set up in the closet. As of this morning, all I get when I connect is a blank screen.

    Local machine I am using to connect to the other computer is Win10 Pro, v1809. The remote media computer is a Win10 Home edition, 1809. Neither computer has had any hardware changes, but if memory serves early this week there were updates to Windows that got applied. But they have been running fine for the past 2-3 days since then. But today, whammo.

    I tried rebooting both, re-starting the services on both, or a new connection. I tried re-installing on both machines (they both had/have 6.7.6). I then uninstalled again and used Revo Uninstaller to scan the registry and files to clean fragments out and then installed again. I even tried to install version 6.0.66 to see if it wold connect. Nothing is working. There have not been any updates to the video drivers of either computer in months. I think the main PC has an update I could use, but the media PC is onboard video and there is no update. I’ll update the main PC while I wait for replies here.

    I can’t use RDP to get to the media center since it is Home edition, and the RDPWrapper trick to enable RDP is apparently not working on Win10 v1809. I have Teamviewer as a backup method which is working, but the lag is making my blood pressure go up, heh.

    I confirmed that the media PC has a connection. The notification pops up when I initiate a connection to it. And if I send CTRL+ALT_DEL command from my main PC, it triggers that on the media PC. So there IS a connection, but the screen is simply blank.

    Any ideas?


    Hello, can you do the following:

    1) try disabling hardware encoding on the server (see

    2) try disabling hardware decoding on the client  (see

    If neither of those helps, please send us the logs which you can extract once you’ve enabled debugging and reproduced the problem. Please consult this document for instructions: and send them to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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