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    When trying to select “Create a new KDE virtual desktop”, I get an error message :

    43067 43067 2023-02-06 08:49:07 073.172 NXSERVER ERROR! Received error message from node ‘:’, ‘Cannot find the KDE environment. Please contact your system administrator.’.

    Here are my software versions :
    ubuntu 22.04.1
    plasmashell 5.24.7

    Using server.cfg : ConnectPolicy autocreate=1,autoconnect=1,automigrate=1,desktop=1,dialog=0
    Using node.cfg : DefaultDesktopCommand “/usr/bin/env XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=/etc/xdg:/etc/kde/xdg /usr/bin/dbus-launch –sh-syntax –exit-with-session /usr/bin/startplasma-x11”

    I’ve linked the logs.

    Thank you for your help


    By setting in the Connect Policy key desktop=1 in server.cfg you should set the #CommandStartKDE “” key in node.cfg (not the DefaultDesktopCommand key)

    CommandStartKDE "env XDG_DATA_DIRS=/usr/local/share:/usr/share:/var/lib/snapd/desktop /usr/bin/dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session /usr/bin/startplasma-x11"

    Does this help?


    Hello, thank you very much for your answer. It looks like it did change something, but it didn’t solve the entire issue. Now, I see the loading wheel, but as soon as I’m supposed to be on the desktop, it disconnects me with an error 108.

    I have once again linked the server logs zipfile, and also the connection output from the client


    Submit screenshots and logs to forum [at]nomachine[dot]com. Thanks!


    I sent the logs to this email address just so you know. Thank you for your help



    Logs show nothing wrong with NoMachine, but with your environment. You have Ubuntu, but Kubuntu-Desktop is installed and we cannot be sure how it was installed. Logs show you are using GDM and even Gnome works fine. Anyway, there is a way to find out how NoMachine sessions are being created. First log on locally to the KDE desktop, then go to your NoMachine client side player and start a physical desktop session to the KDE desktop with NoMachine.

    Open a terminal and run


    The output must be used inside the CommandStartKDE command:

    CommandStartKDE "/usr/bin/env XDG_CONFIG_DIRS=output_of_the_echo_command /usr/bin/dbus-launch --sh-syntax --exit-with-session /usr/bin/startplasma-x11”

    If that doesn’t help, we don’t know what else to suggest. Environment configuration (beyond the default one) is not really within the scope of these forums.

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