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    Okay, I installed NoMachine on a number of workstations, both within and outside of local networks.  I can connect within the networks just fine.

    As for connecting from outside the network, I cannot get that to work.  At first, NoMachine would only provide local IP addresses in the list of IP addresses when you start up NM.  I did some research, and realized that I needed to turn on UPnP on my UniFi USG Security Gateway, so I did that.

    That immediately made a difference, because both of the workstations behind that gateway immediately started displaying an external IP address for connection when NM starts up.  The problem is that the external IP address is a bizarre one, that doesn’t match what I get when I use something like  That service shows my external IP address as something like:

    But the external IP address that is being shown by NM is more like:

    And, stranger still, the other workstation behind that same gateway gives a completely different external IP, more like:

    I assume that the numbers after the colon are the port I should be using instead of 4000, but why am I getting these odd external IP addresses?  And, meanwhile, attempts to connect on port 4000 using the external IP provided by still don’t work.


    Do you have double WAN connected to router?

    Is your IP dynamic?

    Please check on host, where NoMachine is installed, what IP shows on website or similar.

    Compare the IP shown by NoMachine with that of the website.

    You can tray tracert or traceroute (system dependent) to check which route your packets are going through.  If NoMachine shows the address and your service shows the address Packages pass through them in order of address first and then

    Numbers after the colon are open port on your router for NoMachine connection to this host.



    In order to remotely connect to the computers on our office network from outside the network, I had to do the following:

    (1) I changed the NoMachine server port to be unique for each machine in our office. For example, I set one machine to port 4221 and one to port 4223 and another to 4225.

    (2) In the main router for our office, I had to Port Forward each of those ports to the respective computers local ip address. So if Computer A’s local ip address was and I set its NoMachine server port to 4223, then in the router I would port forward 4223 to port 4223.

    After this, I could then access the computers individually from offsite locations.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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