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    On my Windows 10 machine which is right next to a Win 7 machine which I am not upgrading I cannot connect out.  It makes the connection and I get an error message Oops cannot start the display.  Interestingly the Win 7 Machine NoMachine can connect into Win 10 no problem.

    I wonder what the difficulty is.  Both Chrome remote desktop and Splashtop Personal Work fine.   I am sure its something about my local configuration but I do not have enough information to diagnose the problem.  Its both NoMachine 4.6.12.

    It says physical display on linux on Windows I cannot tell b/c I see.   One can connect in from Win 7 to 10 but not the other way around.   Linux is running gnome-shell but as the problem is more general.  I try to save the log but it doesn’t write one for some reason to my home directory.  Could it be a permissions problem ie.  Microsoft in Win 10 not allowing NoMachine to write where it did previously.  I say this b.c. the log file is not written.


    As far as I understand you have two Windows machines, Windows 7 and Windows 10. NoMachine works correctly on 10 but not on 7.  How Linux, mentioned by you,  is involved in that scenario?

    To help us investigate this problem please collect logs on affected machine and submit to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    I have a 2 dual boot machine and NoMachine has always worked correctly on linux and I never had a problem connecting from Linux although I have had problems sending Control characters on occasion.  Its the Windows 10 machine which wouldn’t connect.  On investigating further I determined it was a profile problem as I was able to successfully connect from another login on the machine.   What help you all can give me would be how to diagnose such profile problems as I am clueless.   Somehow on this profile the log did not write and expect some permissions problem.


    Hi karl.
    Could you please send a screenshot of the folder preferences? You can access it by clicking on Preferences button in the NoMachine client, then Folders tab.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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