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    I can’t connect to Windows if used user is logged in. If it is logged out – I can connect but right after I enter my pin (using Windows Hello to authenticate) display freezes. As I know basic Windows edition doesn’t support multi-sign-in and it seems that NoMachine can’t login because used user is logged in on machine itself. How is it supposed to work?


    Hello Dmitry,

    The fact that someone is logged in on your Windows host shouldn’t prevent NoMachine connection. If current Windows desktop belongs to different account than the one you use for NM connection, desktop owner will have to accept incoming connection. This behavior can be changed in server configuration, by modifying PhysicalDesktopAuthorization setting. You can find more information here:

    To better understand why do you experience difficulties establishing NoMachine session, we need to inspect logs. Please, reproduce both cases, gather the logs as described here:

    and send them to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com, referencing the topic in email subject.




    Hey, I was able to reproduce the issue but I can’t create archive with server logs – some files are in use by running processes. What should I do?


    Just to clarify, the free version allows one connection to the remote desktop. Enterprise Desktop allows unlimited connections to the same physical desktop. If user A is logged in locally to the Windows host, you will be able to connect as user B with NoMachine but the person already logged in will need to authorize you.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “some files in use by running processes”. An easier way to get the logs from the remote computer (the one you are trying to connect to) is by following the guidelines here:

    What version of Windows are you connecting to?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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