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    I’m installed nx4 portal server, and can create a session through a web browser. However, after the screenlock kicks in, I can’t unlock it because my password contains a capital letter. When I hit “shift” to enter a capital letter my screen flashes and brings me back to an empty password dialog box.Any ideas?

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    Hi cperry,

    which browser are you using? Does your password contain special characters or spaces?

    It would be also useful to know:

    – Which is your NoMachine server version.
    – Which is the operating system and version of your server host (Ubuntu xyz, Mint xyw)
    – If you are connecting to the physical desktop or if you are creating a new virtual desktop.
    – Version of the desktop (GNOME; KDE, whatever else …).


    I recall a few customers that reported similar problems. In the end it was solved by changing or adjusting the keyboard layout on the server.
    It seems that also the screensaver programs can be at fault, since they try to “improve” security by assuming that the password must be entered on a physical keyboard, that can happen to have a different layout.
    A test you can do is to enter the password using the virtual keyboard embedded into the web session. To display it check the keyboard icon in the panel or press Ctrl+Alt+0.


    Solution: we wrote a setKeymap scipt that uses xmodmap to do the keyboard mappings for mac and pc. if you need the script (it’s long), email me cperry at


    I will close this now as the team are now in touch with you via email 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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