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    Debian Bullseye X11 client NoMachine 8.4.2 aborts the connection to server (not Wayland): when the window with the various “instructions” show where one would click several times (OK) to get the server’s desktop, this window closes after a second or so right after the “blurred/greyed” server’s desktop shows as the window’s background.

    I can connect to the server without problems from other Linuxes (Rocky linux 8 / X11).

    The modification of /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg did not solve the problem.

    journalctl shows:

    Mar 13 11:32:09 maxwell kernel: nxplayer.bin[5366]: segfault at 7fb1d8ceddc0 ip 00007fb22fd1fdf4 sp 00007fb1a0ff8378 error 4 in[7fb22fc9d000+15a000]
    Mar 13 11:32:09 maxwell kernel: Code: 29 4f 10 0f 29 57 20 0f 29 5f 30 48 83 c7 40 48 83 fa 40 77 d0 0f 11 29 0f 11 71 f0 0f 11 79 e0 44 0f 11 41 d0 41 0f 11 23 c3 <0f> 10 26 0f 10 6e 10 0f 10 76 20 0f 1>



    Britgirl wrote:

    Whatteva, no need to filter anything. Just send the whole file to us as it is 😄

    Post Link:


    This file is 70MB … are you sure ?


    If necessary yes, but you’ll have to upload it to a service from which we can download it because it won’t pass our email server.

    For your issue, we’d like to see the stack of the nxplayer and also NoMachine logs as well.

    For any core files generated by nxplayer, please see

    For the NoMachine logs, on the device you are connecting from:

    – launch the NoMachine UI on the user’s computer from Programs or Menu
    – click on Settings -> Player -> Security
    – check Don’t delete log files on exit option
    – Connect to the server and reproduce the problem.
    – Compress the user’s home/.nx directory containing logs.
    – Send the compressed logs archive to NoMachine Support Team by e-mail.

    On the server side, please see:

    And then the journalctl from the server side as well.

    Also, is your Debian installation in a VM? We have not been able to reproduce any similar behaviour on our Bullseye test set-up.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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