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    I connect from win7 (64) to Linux RH64bit using NoMachine (4.2.21 both sides)

    I run an application on Linux (Rhapsody) which generates code. on the application’s output window I can see progress.

    The strange things is that when the code generation is done, My Window’s clipboard is full with whatever was printed in the output window of Rhapsody (?!?!?)

    In some cases – when the process is very long, the clipboard is getting full and NoMachine crashes.

    Is this a know issue?

    Is thereĀ  work around?

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    It is possible that the Raphsody output automatically passed to the clipboard and then it went to the NoMachine client. This is needed to automate the process of copy-and-paste text from the remote session to the client host.

    If you don’t need such feature, you could try editing the file /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg to add the line:

    EnableClipboard none

    This would disable the transmission of clipboard content to the client host, so it should work around the problem.



    Thanks for the reply.

    I’m not sure what: “Rapshody output automatically passed to the clipboard” means.

    If this happens – it is probably not planned. So can this be avoided?

    I can not disable the clipboard feature. Can it be disabled for Rhapsody alone?





    Sorry, disabling only for a specific application is not possible.


    What happens exactly when the clipboard gets full? Does NoMachine client crash? Or the server?

    Are you connecting to the server physical display? Or are you creating a virtual desktop session?

    Could you tell me the version of Rhapsody are you using and a few steps to reproduce the issue?

    Would you be willing to try a debug version to help us find out what the problem is?



    The NoMachine on the Windows side crashes. Rhapsody also crashes

    I am using NoMachine as desktop client.

    I use Rhapsody 805, but it happens on all version tested.

    To reproduce – you need a open huge model, and simply code generate.

    I would love to do a debug session

    Can you contact me directly? my mail is [removed].

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