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    I have installed the Cloud Server Evaluation version (5.0.58) on a Windows 10 workstation as a test. I have also downloaded installed the Enterprise client for Mac OS (5.0.58_3). I cannot create connections from the server to the MAC. I have tried connecting via name and IP address without success. An receiving error is 107: Connection is refused. What am I missing? Thank you, Peter


    I cannot create connections from the server to the MAC.

    I understand that you mean from Mac to the server? Enterprise client only enables creating connections to remote desktops but does not have any server functionality. So if you have installed Enterprise client on MAC, then it’s not possible to create connections to MAC.

    Anyway, have you checked whether or not any errors or warnings occurred during installation? On server side it can be checked in nxinstall.log file (c:\ProgramData\NoMachine\var\log\nxinstall.log). Please also make sure that both server and client side are connected to the Internet when using NoMachine.

    If there are no errors/warnings in nxinstall.log, please check the server status: click on the NoMachine monitor icon, next click on “Show the server status” (there should be a green light and “Server running” on the top of the window). Click on “Server preferences”, and check the services – all of them should be in “running” status and have automatic startup set (please compare to, fig. 9). If startup of services is set as manual, please tick “Start automatic services at startup” box. If startup is set as manual, services are in “stopped” status after reboot. To start them without rebooting please double click on each service and click “Start” button.

    The problem may also derive from firewall settings. You can check it by disabling firewall and then trying to connect. If you succeed then enable firewall again and add exceptions for NoMachine.

    If those tips don’t help, please send us the logs (by compressing c:\ProgramData\NoMachine\var folder to zip or tar.gz) to forum[at]

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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