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    Hi folks,


    We are using rows of Macs, and users can select any Mac to remotely connect to with NoMachine Cloud Server.

    There may be someone sitting “in-front-of” and using a Mac, but the remote user won’t know this and attempt to connect. In fact, 14 out of 15 Macs they attempt to connect to may be in this state.

    How can users identify which Mac is NOT in use, without having to connect to each one to check?


    When using the Cloud Server, “connected users” seems to show when a device has a NoMachine connection active.

    Can it show when there is a logged in user, regardless of NoMachine connection or other?

    Further – if a remote user logged in to a device, then closed NoMachine and went to lunch, but can’t remember what Mac they used, how can they remember where they are logged in (with a locked screen)?




    At the moment what is shown is only those connected via NoMachine. With the implementation of this Feature Request, it will be possible to see if a user is logged in locally as well.

    Assigning the first Enterprise Desktop free to the user

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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