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    I tried the free version of NoMachine for Linux and it works very well between my two Linux machines. It is awesome, with more features that I am ever going to use.

    However, I work mostly on a workstation that has attached a wide gamut monitor that I use for photo art. I ‘d like to be able to use the NoMachine client to connect to another computer. That computer has only 8 bit/channel colour. The colours on the virtual display on this machine are distorted if I use the 10 bit per channel setting but it is fine if I set it to the more common 8 bit/channel (24 bits colour)

    I am wondering if there possible to have it working on the wide gamut setting. That would prevent me to restart X11 every time I need to connect. The same problem occurs with KRDP and any other remote desktop application I have tried.

    I have KDE 4.14 on an OpenSuse 13.1 operating system.






    Please, could you send the output of xdpyinfo for the wide gamut display in the troublesome configuration?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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