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    Is there a way to configure NoMachine to connect to different Desktops on one host directly using the client?
    By “Desktops” I am referring to how you can create virtual desktop env in Windows. To do this you can go to Task View Button > New Desktop at the top left. This creates a new desktop to work in, more so more screen restate for windows to go.
    This is all on my one host running NoMachine server.

    I want to set up two different connections for the NoMachine client on another host to remotely connect to each desktop env directly / separately. That way I can split up the connections on multiple screens on the other host running the client.

    Is this possible? And if its not does anyone recommend a way of doing this?



    NoMachine lets you connect to the physical display on the Windows machine i.e it displays an exact copy of the graphics card’s output. Connecting to a virtual display running on the Windows host is not possible. This is available in the NoMachine for Linux products i.e i) NoMachine Free Edition for Linux allows one connection to the physical display of the Linux machine and in the absence of a physical display, NoMachine can create a virtual one; or ii) in NoMachine Linux Terminal Server products which let multiple users connect to their own individual Linux desktop all running on the same machine.

    See also this topic:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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