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    centos 6, GNOME, nomachine-4.0.369-1.x86_64

    server runs as ‘nx’ user by root.

    Original desktop account owner ‘user1’, ie., logged in at ‘user1’ to the computer, and ‘user2’ or 3 to the nxclient.

    ‘user2’ or ‘user3’ can not roll mouse over the newly created desktop.

    If newly created desktop is maximized the GUI becomes a mess, in a sort of lookback.

    This behaviour is very different from what I’m used to under nx3.5

    Is there a way to correct this?





    This “mirror” effect is due to the fact that you are connecting from the client to the server running on the same machine. If with version 3.5 you didn’t get this effect it was because you were running a virtual desktop.  This functionality is available in the Workstation 4 which is one of the products of the enterprise range. You can get it here in evaluation:


    Am I understanding correctly that to re-accomplish that previous functionality from 3.5  now (under 4) I’d need to purchase the following, at least:

    * NoMachine Workstation Subscription (linux): $  124.50

    * NoMachine Small Business Server Subscription (linux):$  744.50

    This is strictly for personal use. I have a linux desktop at work from which I assume 3 persona at the localhost level, with the GUI logins permanently on, and regularly access that desktop remotely from 3 Windows clients at different locations behind firewalls. With the above subscriptions would I regain the straight SSH client connection as well, mute on the free versions (ie, no need for tunnels)?




    That’s correct. The Workstation and all the Terminal Server versions work as terminal servers, by creating sessions running in the background. These are terminal servers, intended for the enterprise market. The free 3 worked as a terminal server limited to 2 users. This functionality (virtual desktop) is no longer available in the free version. SSH support which was previously available in the free 3 is now available in the enterprise market-oriented products. If you want to replace NX Free Edition with version 4, the Workstation is what you need.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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