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    So long story short, for a recent project at work I need to be on a VPN that requires me to be off my company’s internal network (so it needs to be on our public WiFi). Due to this inconvenience, I decided to use a dedicated Ubuntu machine that will always be off my internal network and therefore able to be a dedicated machine to be used on the VPN I need.

    I want to use NoMachine to control the dedicated VPN machine from my work computer so I don’t need to hop back and forth between the two machines. I got it set up just fine, however, when I set up the VPN on the server machine, my NoMachine connection dropped (for obvious reasons, since it is now running through a VPN).

    Is there any way I can configure NoMachine to make it possible to connect to my server when it is on a VPN? I do want to stress that when the server is OFF the VPN, I can connect to it just fine, its only when I go to the VPN I have issues.



    The machine I am connecting from:

    -Mac running macOS 10.12 (latest stable)

    -Free version of NoMachine v5.3.10

    -Connected to an internal network through ethernet interface


    The machine I want to connect to:

    Dell laptop running Ubuntu 16.04LTS Server w/ Unity desktop added

    -NoMachine v5.3.10 free version

    -Connected to a secure Wifi, which is then connected to a Cisco IPSec VPN


    Thanks ahead of time for any help resolving this issue.





    It looks more like a matter of VPN settings than NoMachine configuration. You wrote that when the server machine is off the VPN, you can connect properly and you have issues only when VPN is used.

    Please explain what exactly happens. You have your Dell machine connected via VPN and when you are trying to connect from your Mac to Dell, NoMachine refuses connection? Or you are connected from Mac to Dell and then, when you connect Dell to VPN connection between Mac and Dell breaks down? When your Dell connects via VPN it recieves a new IP address and this migh be a reason. Also, do you establish connection to Dell machine with ethernet or WIFI? First thing you might want to do is try to use ifconfig and check IP before you use VPN and after you do it. You can also try to ping Dell’s IP from your Mac before and after switching VPN on.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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