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    Two identical Intel-based Win10 machines on a basic home network behind an AT&T provided router. All basic, standard settings. Machines visible at local net level.

    Problem: one machine can connect to the other, but not the other way around. (?)


    • New Win10 OS install on both machines.
    • Also have a Chromebook for double checking.
    • Just using Windows Defender and have turned off all but the firewall, no “protected folder” crudge.
    • Latest version of NoMachine.
    • nx executables have ALL permissions set to allow through the machines firewalls.
    • Servers are running default out of the box – startup on boot.
    • Server status looks fine on each machine locally.
    • Advertisement & Discovery work as expected.

    Call the three machines Win1, Win2, and CB.

    Win2 and CB are WiFi, Win1 is hard ethernet. (Can’t imagine that would matter…)

    • Win1 can connect to Win2
    • But: Win2 cannot connect to Win1 – times out with 110 error.

    As a redundant test:

    • CB can connect to Win1
    • CB also cannot connect to Win2

    I suppose I could turn off the firewalls after isolating the machines from the inet – (but that’s a ton of effort due to other circumstances).

    What could be the issue?  Strategy for figuring this out.


    Thank you for any assistance!

    -HP in Florida



    Can you check something? From the CB right click on the “Win1”  you want to connect to and click ‘Edit’. What is the IP address showing in the Host field? Do the same from the “Win2” client as well.

    A computer can have multiple network interfaces configured (real or virtual) and NoMachine selects one as its default. Try selecting a different one from the drop-down list.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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