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    Hi. I’m not tech savvy about this stuff so please excuse my ignorance if I’m missing something obvious.

    I use NM to control a remote laptop from my desktop PC. The wi-fi connection was becoming slow to I power-cycled my BT Hub, which usually fixes the problem. After doing so this time, though, and restarting NM on both systems, I get Connection Timeouts whenever I attempt to reconnect.

    Is there a reason why resetting the hub could cause this? Is there anything simple I can check?

    Thanks for any suggestions


    It looks that your BT hub is in NAT mode and the desktop PC is not in the network broadcast by this device. To be able to connect to machines in that mode you need defined manual forwarding rules. To avoid that set BT hub to Bridged mode. Then both devices will be in the same subnet.


    Thanks for your suggestion, kroy. I actually managed to solve the problem by reinstalling NM on the laptop. After that, everything worked OK and I have subsequently restarted the hub without a recurrence of the timeouts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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