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    When I want to connect to a PC (Windows 10) with NoMachine I have this message : “Authentification failed, please retry”.

    The distant PC uses a Microsoft account (email).

    I can connect to a other PC with local account.

    NoMachine can’t accept Microsoft account ?



    More informations for my connection :

    I use NoMachine free version.

    The distant Pc (Windows 10) uses a Microsoft account (

    To connect I use as login, and the associated password.

    I have this message “Authentification failed, please retry”



    Hello hastur18,

    NoMachine authentication on Windows supports local account names and domain account names only. This means that you need to check the local account name of Microsoft account which you attempt to use, on remote machine.

    In order to do so:

    1. Log on to desktop of machine you want to use, using Microsoft account.
    2. Click on the search icon right to the start Microsoft icon.
    3. Type ‘cmd’ and press enter.
    4. Inspect path displayed in console, the last part should denote the user name,
    it should be something like:



    Hello Cato,

    I have tried this solution, but I have this message :

    La négociation de session a échoué.

    Erreur : Impossible d’écrire sur le fichier authority dans C:\ProgramData\NoMachine\var\log\node\C-Pc-xxxxxxx-1001-A2B3494DE4DD6D941D15A5E7C8D53620 sur l’hôte local. No such file or directory



    Hello hastur18.

    Unfortunately we cannot help here without the logs from server side.
    You can find instructions about debug and collecting logs here:

    Please enable the logs in server.cfg and node.cfg, then just to be sure we have everything
    covered restart the NoMachine server: You can do it from NoMachine Monitor GUI. Then please
    repeat the connection and send the logs to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com referring post topic in mail subject.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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