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    I’m running NoMachine 5.2.11_1 on Ubuntu 16.04 and my client is an OSX box.  Things have been working great for awhile until I decided to upgrade NoMachine to 5.2.11_1 and update the H.264 libs from source.  After getting things compiled and installed, I can no longer connect to NoMachine on the clients and receive an error 61.  On the server logs, it looks like the node isn’t running.

    If I remove everything on the server and install without the h.264 libraries, I can connect fine, but the display isn’t as nice.  I followed the kb article to create the debug logs and will attach them to this message.  Any help is appreciated!



    Thank you for contacting us with this problem.

    Unfortunately we can not determine where the problem is. To help us find it, we need more
    information. Please follow this steps:
    1. Shut down the NoMachine by running:
    # /etc/NX/nxserver –shutdown

    2. Ascertain there is no leftover NoMachine processes by running:
    # ps -ef | grep nx
    If not sure, please send us the list of processes.

    3. Please gather the result of commands:
    # ls -l /usr/NX/etc
    # ls -la /usr/NX/var/db/running

    4. Start the NoMachine by running:
    # /etc/NX/nxserver –startup

    5. If the problem repeats please attach to the nxserver –daemon process with strace program.
    You can get the pid of valid process by running:
    # ps -ef | grep nxserver | grep daemon

    Please attach the results of this commands here.


    Thanks for the response.  Attached below are the commands and results.

    One strange thing that I did notice was that when I was running the nxserver startup command, the remote machines would be able to connect to the server after an extended period of time….like 5 minutes.  I would run nxserver –startup, try to connect and fail, then wait about 5 minutes (that’s really an approximately), then connect, and it connects fine.

    In the strace, I was getting the “timeout” at the end of the line and that’s when I was unable to connect.  Once there was more stuff going on, I was then able to connect to the server.




    Just for kicks, I also added the time option to the strace and re-ran the process.  You can see that I started the process around 7:21 and then around 7:25, lots of things start happening and I can then connect just fine.  But between 7:21 and 7:25, I was unable to connect.



    Could you provide more information:

    1) What source did you update your H.264 libraries from?

    2) What steps did you take to build them? (i.e. Did you build then from sources? What commands did you pass to the configure script?)

    3) How exactly did you make libraries available to NoMachine (by copying them, linking…)?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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