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    I got a license NoMachine linux enterprise server.

    The NoMachine is installed on fedora 12 and my clients are Rwindows,  ubuntu 10.04, ubuntu 12.04 and centos 6.5.

    Server Version: NoMachine-enterprise-server_4.1.29_5

    Client Version: nomachine_4.1.29_5

    My only problem is i can not copy anything from the nx screen and paste it on the computer where the client is installed.

    Help me please is very important to work of my users.






    May I ask you for mode information:

    Does it occur with any client platform you tried (Windows, Ubuntu, CentOs)?

    Does it show up accessing an existing desktop or using a virtual desktop session?

    Is the target Fedora 12 desktop KDE or Gnome?

    Is there any clipboard manager running in the Fedora 12 desktop (e.g. klipboard in KDE)?

    Could you send client and server logs of an affected session?


    This fact was confirmed too in our internal testing.  You can only copy text *to* the Linux Server, images in the clipboard are not working at all.



    Linux Client OS -> Linux Server (GNOME)    WORKS

    Linux Server (GNOME) -> Linux Client OS   NOT WORKING


    Linux Client OS -> Linux Server (GNOME) NOT WORKING



    We are having the same problem with C&P issues.  We can C&P from Windows 7 to NM, but not from NM to Windows.  We’re using the 4.1 client and Enterprise server edition.


    This is just regular text from a gnome-terminal, Red Hat 6.5.


    The next release will fix numerous copy and paste problems in general, some of which are reported in our Trouble Reports section. There is another related forum post with an answer provided by Titan which you will all find interesting:

    @drichards, copy and paste of images isn’t possible, rather in the future it will be possible to drag and drop them. The current mechanisms for copying images between server and client (version 4.x) are file-transfer and disk sharing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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