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    I’m using MacOS (10.9.5) client Version 4.4.12 and connecting to Ubuntu NX server version “NoMachine Workstation Server Subscription – Version 4.4.6” using XFCE and Virtual Desktop mode (bundled X11)

    1. Periodically my Copy/Paste functionality from Remote Session (Virtual Desktop/XFCE) into local MacOS environment stops working. Closing NoMachine window and reconnecting to the session fixes this. Copy/Paste from MacOS into NX virtual desktop still works.

    2. When using custom session (rootless) with XQuarts, copy/paste works. One big difference is that when using rootless session, my MacOS clipboard gets updated as soon as I execute Clipboard command in the remote window. However, in NX virtual desktop session, Clipboard only gets updated when I switch away from NX Virtual Desktop to a different window on my Mac.

    Perhaps a work-around would be to have the same copy paste behavior in Virtual Desktop as in the rootless mode (local clipboard gets updated as soon as remote clipboard changes, not on window switch), is there some switch from this? Alternatively, in Virtual Desktop mode, is there a way to use the same X11 (XQuartz) as the rootless mode? (since I don’t see this problem in rootless mode)


    Hi yaroslavvb,

    a problem with breaking clipboard functionality was fixed in version 4.5.0: Is it possible that is the same issue?

    Regarding point 2, updating the system clipboard only when focusing out from the session window was a design choice. Desktop sessions can be shared among different users, and this way was chosen to minimize undesired behaviours.


    Thanks for the reply. I can update it when I get 4.5, but this seems like a different issue — I can no sync at all. Every 10-100 minutes (I do a lot of copy paste), my MacOS clipboard stops updating when I switch from NX session to Mac. One work-around I found is to try to copy/paste something from my MacOS client into NX session. After that the clipboard gets “unstuck” and I can do it again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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