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    I have several machines that I use as clients to connect back to a Windows 10 PC.  The clients include Windows 10 and Windows 7, and Linux.

    However, as they all exhibit the same issue, we’ll use the Windows 10 client connecting to a Windows 10 server for ease of troubleshooting.

    Any connection has horribly corrupted audio.  Piercing, high-pitched squeaks and squawks instead of any sort of understandable sound.  Even system sounds of any sort of prompts are enough to make my dogs look over at me.  I can almost make out the actual sound underneath all of it, but I can’t be certain.

    Any help is appreciated.


    Can you describe more the environment in which you work? Your clients (Windows 7, 10 and Linux) are physical or virtual machines? If virtual – are they on a different machine to the Windows 10 PC which you are connecting to? Are the mentioned hosts used only as a client or are you connecting to them via NoMachine at the same time? In other words, we need to know where each of the NoMachine installations are in relation to each other and whether they are being used as clients or servers.

    Did you tried to change audio settings on server machine? Which devices are set as default on Playback and Recording panel? Is there difference if you uncheck “Listen to this device” in the recording device preferences?


    On the server machine, I only have two playback devices listed:

    Speakers – NoMachine Microphone Adapter

    Samsung 4 – NVIDIA High Definition Audio (Default Device)

    There are no other devices.  If I choose “Show disabled devices” it offers up the unused S/PDIF connection on the motherboard.  The server machine is using the HDMI connection on the video card to output audio and video to my TV and Surround processor.


    I don’t connect more than one client simultaneously.  I just move from work machines as clients (Windows 7 and Linux, to remotely access my home machine) and my laptop client at home (Windows 10) to move about the house.

    I’ve attached a short audio file of an attempt to view a video over the LAN from the server to my Windows 10 laptop client.


    We need to send you a debug package to allow us to investigate further. Check your inbox 🙂


    We’ve been able to reproduce it and have opened a Trouble Report which places it in the queue for fixing. Please sign up to the TR using ‘notify me’.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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