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    Server (on Ubuntu 20.04): NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server version: 7.6.2 ( ConnectPolicy is set to autocreate=1)

    Client(on CentOS 8): NoMachine Enterprise Client  version: 7.6.2

    simple test.nxs file is created as,

    Run command, nxplayer –session test.nxs –new-session, after entering the password, a new virtual desktop session is started. When the same command is run at another terminal,¬† I expect to see two sessions are created under the same user account. However, the first session is kicked out and a new session is created (from server-side, the first tcp connection is closed and a new tcp connection is created).

    How to create multiple virtual desktop sessions under the same user account automatically via script. Any help is greatly appreciated.




    I would say that to achieve situation that on every command you create new session you will need to disable autoconnect in ConnectPolicy key in server.cfg
    ConnectPolicy autocreate=1,autoconnect=0,automigrate=0,desktop=0,dialog=0,xsessions=0,udp=1


    It works! Thank you very much.


    With Fisherman’s help, I can start multiple virtual desktop sessions with the script. However, after 4 sessions, the 5th session will be black screen after entering password (tested with both Windows and Linux clients). And also, the server machine hangs up and I have to reboot it to bring it back.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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