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    I noticed that this problem has been reported for the Linux version of NoMachine, and it seems that it is also affecting the Mac version. Same deal here, Ctrl/Right Click is not being passed through to the host machine, it is interpreted as Ctrl/(Left) Click. Checking “Emulate Right Mouse Button” makes Ctrl/Right Click work, but breaks Ctrl/Click which is also interpreted as Ctrl/Right Click :/

    The editors I use make heavy use of Ctrl/Click and Ctrl/Right Click, so for me this is a deal-breaker unfortunately. Any ideas when this will be fixed, I want to use NoMachine for my work because nothing else works as well!

    Using latest versions on both machines:

    Host: Windows 10, NoMachine 7.6.2_4

    Client: Macbook Pro, NoMachine 7.6.2_4



    Hi, this is a known issue. You can track it using the following link:

    Right mouse button behaves like left button if Control key is pressed down

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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