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    I have identified an incompatibility between Dell’s TB16 docking station ( and NoMachine 6 (specifically 6.0.62_10).

    I don’t have any way of identifying blame so I’m just posting this information here and will also describe the issue to my Dell rep.  I have been having problems with NoMachine 6 on my Windows 10 machine in any case so I have uninstalled it.

    I identified NoMachine as a contributor to my BSODs by looking at the memory dump after the BSODs.  Uninstalling NoMachine ended the BSODs.

    The BSODs would occur when I plugged my TB16 into my laptop if I had a recent version of the ASMedia driver installed (  Version, A00 of the ASMedia driver did not trigger an interaction with NoMachine.


    We are aware of the issue and a Trouble Report has already been opened. Conflict exists between ASMedia USB Controller drivers and NoMachine USB driver (nxusb)

    There is no need to uninstall the software if you adopt the workaround described in the link above (disabling the USB drivers in NoMachine).

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    USB forwarding is the main reason that I use NoMachine.

    I did see that 6.0.66 should fix my other main problem: connections when the server requires two-factor authentication.

    Hopefully there will be a fix to this problem soon.  The alternate solutions mentioned in the TR  (using different ASMedia driver versions) do not work for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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