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    How does one go about diagnosing the following error when attempting to connect using the WebPlayer with WebRTC and a STUN server enabled?

    The WebRTC peer-to-peer communication cannot be established. If the remote machine doesn’t have a public IP, please consider to configure your server to use STUN/TURN servers for NAT traversal.

    Are there any specific log files which would provide more detailed information? I looked at most of the logs in /usr/NX/var/log but I don’t see anything that jumps out.


    If it helps this is what the NAT profile is on the client (WebPlayer) side: http://nattest.net.in.tum.de/individualResult.php?hash=34abe7210ca2022812737d3b48a4a3ac


    Hi shoe54,

    This problem is known to us and we’re working to fix it, please see more here : https://www.nomachine.com/TR05P08581

    You have the option to be notified when this issue is fixed, you just have to click on “Notify me when the TR is closed.” and insert your email address.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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