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    Our usecase:

    A team of analyst has to do research/investigations. After their workday, the session needs to be removed so all malware/risks are removed. And next day they start with a new/clean environment. The team should not be able to use the real session. We run debian.

    It seems “Disabling persistent virtual desktops” provides this except if one logsout during the day all efforts are lost?

    Questions we have:

    How is the virtual environment separated from the real environment?

    How can we set ‘sessions for a day’?

    How can we restrict local login (remove xterm &co, or can we have this configured)

    Can analyst login to multiple virtual sessions on the same server? (currently does not work for in the test envi)





    Hi, “virtual desktop sessions” which allow you to run multiple Linux desktops on the same host are available in Terminal Server products. Which product did you install? You should have one of the products from this page installed:  https://www.nomachine.com/terminal-server-family. You can check what you have installed by going to ‘Settings > Server preferences > Updates’ on the server host.

    You can find some helpful tips on how to configure the NoMachine terminal server product to delete sessions after a specific expiry in the following article in our knowledge base:

    How to terminate NoMachine virtual desktops sessions automatically

    Depending on the product you choose, there is also full configuration instructions in the product guides here in the Installation section: https://www.nomachine.com/documents

    Users can login multiple times on the same server provided the number of virtual desktop sessions has not been exceeded (https://kb.nomachine.com/AR08M00858).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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