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    the server and client both have a 16:9 4k display (3840 x 2160), 32″.

    The “scaling” in windows’ display options is 125% on both sides.

    Display on client is set to “scale to window” and “fullscreen”.

    The display content of the server is very blurred on the client.

    The problem goes away immediately, when the “scaling” is set to 100% on the client: The server’s 125% scaled fonts are shown crisp and sharp on the client.

    My educated guess is that the client wrongly applies the 125% scaling to the server’s image and then scales it back again to make it fit the client’s resolution, hence the loss in quality.

    Unfortunately running the client on 100% is not an option for me, it’s own content is too small then. And the blurring is bad, really bad, it hurts my eyes.

    Anything you can do about this? Please?


    Additional info:

    NoMachine is 8.11.3_3_x64

    Client side settings are “Highest quality”; Advanced settings “network adapted quality”, “image client side postprocessing”, “multipass displayencoding” are all disabled (I’m translating this from German).

    Server side none of the ‘Performace’ options is checked.

    If I create a new connection and choose “Keep remote resolution and show with scrollbars” and “do not adjust remote resolution”, the client side display is crisp and sharp – but ) have approx. 25% scrollbars – as if the server’s resolution were in fact approx 25% bigger than the client’s … but the resolution is 3840 x 2160 everywhere  … changing the “scaling” in the server’s windows’ display options to 100% makes no difference …


    Hello, we are planning to improve support for HiDPI displays in a future version (not version 9). With this implementation, NoMachine will be able to capture the screen of the server at native pixel resolution on HiDPI displays, but it will also introduce improvements to the appearance of the user interface on such displays.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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