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    After successfully connecting to my remote linux machine, it appears that the default display setting is of very low resolution (800×600), and much lower than the current display setting on the remote machine. Is there any way to change this to a higher screen resolution?



    You don’t say what distribution you are running, but you should be able to use the tools in the desktop environment, as you would if you were local to the box.



    I manged to change resolution (CentOS as server, Windows 7 as client) but I get kicked off and have to reconnect.


    Check if you have a core dump in the home directory of the user owning the session.

    Please also attach the logs files:

    # tar zcf logs1.tar.gz /usr/NX/var/log
    # tar zcf logs2.tar.gz /home/<user>/.nx

    Be sure you include all the information listed here:

    – NoMachine product and version on local and remote machine (free version, Workstation, etc).
    – Whether the problem arises connecting to a physical or a virtual display.
    – Remote and local Windows/Mac/Linux version (Windows XP/7/8, OS X 10.x, Ubuntu xyz, Mint x.y, etc.).
    – If on Linux, desktop version (GNOME. KDE, whatever) on client and on server.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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