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    I am new to NoMachine and find this to be one of the best remote control platforms for the Rpi. My question relates to showing the native screen size and aspect ratio. When using [removed] which is stalled on the Rpi, the remote screen is displayed with no re-sizing, the main advantage of this is to maintaing highest resolution so small text / fonts can be easily read. NoMachine expands the Rpi screen to fill the remote Windows screen by expanding the screen width, this then lowers resolution of small text and fonts as they are stretched horizontally.

    Having looked at the display setting  I can not find a mode to stop the display width being expanded, the height is OK. The Rpi typically shows two vertical bars, left and right sides on the display, these are not wide and it would be good to see these via NoMachine and maintain the original aspect ration like [removed] does, is this possible?

    Is it best to set the resolution and aspect ratio on the Rpi or on the Windows PC connecting to the Rpi?



    Hi 32bits,

    thank you for your positive feedback about our product!

    When connecting to the Rpi and you open the NoMachine connection menu (Ctrl-Alt-0), try enabling ‘Viewport mode’. The Viewport shows the session in 1:1 ratio in both physical and virtual desktop sessions.

    You can find more information here, point 5.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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