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    I upgraded a few machines to Fedora 22 a few weeks ago and now every time that I try to update packages using the command dnf distro-sync the NoMachine package is marked for removal.

    dnf won’t let the update proceed unless NoMachine is uninstalled, and so I need to reinstall it once the update is done. Very inconvenient.

    I’m using both NoMachine 4.6.12 on the clients and NoMachine workstation 4.6.4 on the servers and they all have the same issue.

    Wondering if someone else has run into this situation and a fix for it.




    As is mentioned in dnf’s manual, distro-sync command searches enabled repositories.
    NoMachine’s package isn’t in any repository so the command try to remove it. You
    can try to run distro-sync without ‘–allowerasing’ option or in some way exclude
    NM’s package from the operation. To do update Fedora’s manual recommend a command:

    dnf upgrade


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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