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    On the Android client, when I drag the remote content with the mouse, the local cursor and the remote cursor still appear at the same time, even if the feature to hide the remote cursor is turned on.
    My suggestion is to add a feature to hide the local cursor, similar to AVNC, the VNC client, so that the problem of duplicate cursors does not occur. And this feature should be very common, because the default Android cursor is ugly when displayed on the remote desktop.



    Hi. The drag operation showing the remote cursor is a feature that, on the mobile application, has a slightly different behaviour compared to desktop application. While I perfectly understand your proposal and I agree, one of our policies forces us to have the same solution on all platforms, when deciding how to deal with problems or features. In this particular case we could hide the local cursor on Android, but not on iOS… However as you said the Android cursor is not very nice, so we’re still discussing all possible pros and cons of every solution.

    I know this is not the solution you’re looking for, but you could disable the server side cursor when doing the drag operation by editing the node.cfg file on the server and by setting the following key:

    DisplayServerExtraOptions “-nocursorlock”

    Thank you for your feedback!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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