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    I’m using Ubuntu 16.04.1 with the latest NX server. The NX log contains a lot of the following message:

    NXSERVER ERROR! Encryptor context not received.

    It appears at approximately 1 minute intervals. Why is it appearing?


    Is it possible that there are other applications using NoMachine’s port 4000? Is the host you are accessing configured as a node of an Enterprise Server maybe?


    There is no other application running on port 4000, and I can connect to this station with the NX clients without problem, so this error doesn’t stop me from connecting.

    This is a free version of NX and I use it as it was installed by default, so every component is on this ubuntu machine without any changes done to the default installation.

    Eventually may it have some problem with the fact that the latest version of Ubuntu uses systemd to start processes and could NX not like it?


    Additional messages I see in the log when I connect are:

    NXSERVER ERROR! Failed to determine the client IP

    2016-08-25 21:05:20 879.109 29213 NXSERVER ERROR! Variables NX_CONNECTION,SSH_CONNECTION,SSH_CLIENT,SSH2_CLIENT not provided.

    2016-08-25 21:05:20 879.163 29213 NXSERVER ERROR! Please set SSHDCheckIP=1 if you want to refuse the connection.

    2016-08-25 21:05:20 879.217 29213 NXSERVER ERROR! Failed to get remote port. Environment NX_CONNECTION,SSH_CONNECTION,SSH_CLIENT,SSH2_CLIENT not set

    2016-08-25 21:05:20 879.271 29213 NXSERVER ERROR! Failed to get local IP. Remote IP is 0.

    2016-08-25 21:05:20 882.404 29213 NXSERVER ERROR! Wrong process id, received pid 0.

    2016-08-25 21:05:20 882.472 29213 NXSERVER WARNING! Could not get SSHD PID: Process 0 does not have expected name.

    2016-08-25 21:05:20 884.557 29213 NXSERVER ERROR! Cannot save forward server pid. ‘value’ for key sshdPid cannot be null

    2016-08-25 21:05:24 087.344 29213 NXSERVER WARNING! Cannot retrieve node socket for session A08C413482FCCD048DB746DF258F072F.

    But again, I can connect fine with the client and it’s working, but these appear in the logs.


    In order to understand the cause of these errors we need debug logs from the server side. Please uncomment and set the ‘SessionLogLevel 7’ configuration key in the ‘/usr/NX/etc/server.cfg’ file. Here you can find detailed info on how to gather logs: https://www.nomachine.com/DT07M00098.

    Then reproduce the issue and send the collected logs to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    Logs sent to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com.


    It seems that putty is trying to connect to the same port (4000) where the NX daemon is listening, as you can see in the following line:

    ERROR! Invalid client identification ‘SSH-2.0-PUTTY

    To get rid of the error, you can either change putty configuration, or change the port for the NX server, by editing the NXPort key in the’/usr/NX/etc/server.cfg’ configuration file. For example:

    NXPort 4001

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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