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    Recently, we have had a number of users report that their session died – usually during the reconnection phase.

    I went back through the logs (I have about 12 months of them) and parsed the exit code

    3  with exit code 11

    6  with exit code 83

    11  with exit code 8

    16  with exit code 15

    71  with exit code 4

    149  with exit code 9

    586  with exit code 1

    Do you have a page that details what each exit code relates to?

    Thanks in advance



    Each of those Linux system bash exit codes could relate to a number of different processes, such as nxexec run by nxserver, nxrunner run by nxnode, gnome run by node and so on. It would be better to see the logs of a session in which you have encountered a problem i.e a recent dropped or lost session and not one from 1 year ago to give you the reasons for specific exit codes during the loss of a session. Some examples are, exit code 11 generally means that the process crashed for segfault, exit code 9 that terminated by SIGKILL, exit code 15 that terminated by SIGTERM (more gracefully). The description within the logs should suffice and where it doesn’t, we can of course improve.


    I wanted to be able to provide our user base with more real-time debug hence the request for what the exit-code meant.

    Do you have a definitive list of the exit codes are reported by the various tools? I was only looking at the nxserver.log file but if the exit codes are reported differently between the server process and the client process, having a list would really help.

    That way, we can work with the users concerned to understand what was going on and report back when things appear strange.



    Hi Mark,

    Those exit codes, actually, are the exit codes of the external programs run by the server, with these external programs being mainly “system commands” of the specific platform, the specific OS where the server is running on. So, to understand what the exit code means, you would need to know, for each exit code, what was the external program that was executed. These exit codes, for the record, are very “application specific”, and so, if I were you, I wouldn’t give much importance to these. Of course the server DOES GIVE them the importance they deserve, since the server KNOWS what the program is that is run and also what exit code the program will return, for every error the server expects. So, all in all, difficult to give you an informative answer. Need to know the context, what the server is doing, what is the program that is run and the exact log lines the server prints, for the procedure, before and after.

    If you send us a few of the log excerpts of the problematic user sessions (submit to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com) and we can then give you some pointers to help you with your own debugging 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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