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    Hi, I have been using NoMachine in Windows Linux and OSx, and I love it! now, a friend asked me if it was possible to extend his Win10 display to a iMac (because it’s a bigger screen).  So I told him to connect from the iMac to the Win10 notebook and just configure Win10 with a virtual resolution (to match the real iMac display resolution, lets say iMac is 3000×3000 and his notebook with Win10 just 1280×1024)

    So this kind of works fine… he uses his iMac to remote control his Win10 with the bigger iMac resolution (in Win10 you see like the screen scrolling on its corners to match the res, no image distorsion)

    So, is there a way to set up NoMachine as a second monitor? so I can extend my Win10 desktop to the NoMachine on iMac display? (I am using the free version, not the NoMachine Terminal Server version)

    Thanks (sorry for the strange question)


    Hi. Do you mean whether NoMachine can push the resolution beyond the ones supported by Windows 10 notebook? We can’t do that because when connecting to the physical desktop the supported resolutions are those of the remote video card listed in Windows display settings.


    Hi, thanks for your response!

    I could kind of solve it… on Windows I could set a virtual resolution bigger… lets say if hardware max res is 800×600, I set a virtual to 2000×2000.  Then from the remote machine I could connect to this virtual resolution on a bigger screen with no problem.

    The real need was to do something like SpaceDesk or ZoneScreen (there is no program like these any more).



    I’m afraid it is not possible to use NoMachine to do what you are asking. NoMachine virtual desktop are available only in Linux products, anyway they cannot be employed to extend an existing screen (they aren’t intended for doing that).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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