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    Complete log files captured at Log Level 7 attached

    NoMachine Workstation subscription version 5.0.43 on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS x64 system. Supermicro server with Nvidia GPU. Connecting from Windows 8.1 client to Linux Ubuntu 14.04.3 server.  (Freshly installed)

    Physical display connection works fine.  (Physical display lightdm, Ubuntu X server on:0),   however when attempting to create a new virtual desktop the connection seems to be terminated within a few seconds and the client interface  goes back to the connect screen.

    nxerror.log :: shows 5 lines  Info: Handler started …  Info: Handling Connection… Info: Connection closed … Info: Handler with Pid xxx terminated…ERROR: Cannot remove UPnP rule

    nxserver.log ::  Only two lines   NXSERVER User logged in from…  and NXSERVER User logged out …  (about 15 seconds apart)

    I have tried everything possible,  fresh installs, reinstalls and it does not work. The behavior is same whether I use GNOME or Unity desktop installation    Appreciate any help I can get.

    This problem is very similar to one reported on June 9th 2015, however the recommendations from that post does not fix my issue.


    Hi, can you send all the attachments (logs from both sides) to forum[at]nomachine[dot]com?  Thanks.

    Have you installed the Production Version of the Workstation package from your customer area?


    I installed the production version and updated it to 5.0.43.   I have narrowed the problem down to the following.

    1) The system has Nvidia GPU.  On a fresh install,  Ubuntu 14.04 will load Nouveau driver.   Everything works fine with this driver.  I am able to create virtual desktops.

    2) When I install the Nvidia Drivers the NoMachine Virtual Desktop creating stops.  The connection is reset within a couple seconds without any error indication on the client side.  It goes back to “Connect” screen on the client.

    The behavior is repeatable by removing and installing nvidia driver.

    Appreciate your help.




    this article may help you:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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