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    I have the possibility to switch between the themes Sunshine and Moonlight.

    Since most of my other programs on Windows adhere to the ‘Default App Mode’, I can switch easily between Dark and Light, depending on my current location. Working on a laptop it is sometimes necessary, as the screen is not bright enough for dark mode to be usable, in bright conditions.

    I’d like a third option for the Theme: Auto – that reads the Default App Mode setting, and switches theme based on it.


    Having an “Auto” option is perfectly possible. You will surely ask why we didn’t do that already.

    The reason is that, at the time, when we initially evaluated it and decided what to do:

    – The situation on the Mac was absolutely all fine and all clear. No problem.

    – The situation on Windows was complicated. This setting is exposed only to UWP applications, whereas NoMachine is obviously not, NoMachine is “native”, and it was unclear if there was any “functional bridge”, between this setting and these “go light”, “go dark” events that were exposed to UWP applications and not to “native” ones.

    – The situation on Linux… OK, you get it 🙂


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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