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    I have an NX client for Windows, connected to two remote Ubuntu machines. I use full screen mode for both, capturing keyboard for both. This is so I can use the Alt-Tab combination remotely on my Ubuntu machines. This works as planned, but it has one annoyance – there’s no easy was to get out of the window in order to get back to my Windows machine. This is because of the full screen mode, which doesn’t let me access any other window outside the client, along with the keyboard capturing, which doesn’t let me use local Alt-Tab. I want to keep both of these settings – full screen mode is the only one that looks fine in regards to screen resolution, while the keyboard capturing is used for remote Alt-Tab as mentioned. So the only way for me to get back to Windows now is awkward – I click the upper right corner, which gives me the config screen for that window, and only then local Alt-Tab works. Then when I get back to that client, I should close the config window (with the upper left arrow) to return to my remote work. This is pretty awkward.

    What I suggest is the following: Disable the keyboard capture (maybe also the mouse capture) when the mouse hovers over the top right corner. Reasoning here is that when doing so, the user would anyway like to access something that’s not on their remote server, so there’s no point locking the keyboard and/or mouse to the remote server. Specifically, Alt-Tab + hovering over the top right corner would do a local Alt-Tab instead of a remote one.

    Hope this makes sense to you.



    if there were a seamless way to allow for both local and remote shortcuts, we would have already implemented it 😉

    What you can do is to use Ctrl+Alt+M to minimize the NoMachine session window when in full-screen. Ctrl+Alt+K is also useful to toggle keyboard grabbing on and off, and Ctrl+Alt+0 to opens the NoMachine session menu instead of the page-peel.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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