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    I’m evaluating the possibility of sharing our Qt/Linux application over the Internet. So far the floating window options looks very attractive (particularly due to memory savings of not running an entire desktop – RAM is quite expensive on Amazon cloud hosting).

    However, I cannot find the file transfer capability when using floating windows. “Attach a drive” feature doesn’t work for us because the default Qt Open/Save File dialogs definitely don’t see those drives, wherever they are.

    So, how do I transfer files between the client and the server machines?



    Hi alex.

    The file transfer service cannot be used in a custom session. We’re discussing a way to correctly integrate seamless windows and file transfer, but I cannot offer a work around right now.

    As a further choice you may use the disk or USB sharing services, your application will see a directory/disk on the client just like if it was on the server and vice versa. Are you referring to these services when you talk about “attach a drive” feature? In such a case we can find a workaround for the Qt file dialog problem.
    By default we use ‘kdialog’ (on KDE) or ‘zenity’ because they’re better integrated with the system. Is it possible that none of them are installed on your host? What’s the Linux distribution where you need to browse the file system?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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