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    I use NoMachine to log into my remote machine which runs on Centos 6. With the new version of NX client, the fonts are not displayed correctly.  I am able to view all my tools only in one simple native font, probably courier. I have downloaded and installed all the fonts for the windows installation of NX. This problem did not exist in the previous version of NX. I am attaching a screen shot to show the problem. Has anybody solved this problem?

    In fact, I also have to start some of the softwares on my Centos 6 machine in a special mode that does not use any special fonts, only then I am able to use them. I have shown an example of Cadence IC design environment in the snapshot which I have started with a special switch called -nosplash.

    Thanks in advance for any solutions to this problem.





    In version 4, fonts are not necessary, unless you are running NoMachine in single application (floating window) mode. Or are you connecting to a 3.5 server?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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